Kevin Husell

Coaches and leads individuals and organizations to become high performers in their own fields achieving their goals.

He has 7 years of experience in consulting and believes that by combining coaching, positivity, structure, and well-being anyone can become a high performer and reach goals beyond expectations.

Kevin has experience in business-critical development in fast-paced, complex multisite projects onsite and remotely, and his way of working is characterized by his human- and goal-oriented mindset combined with a unique combination of people and technical skills.

He is from Finland and worked many years in Helsinki, before moving to Munich in January 2022.

Kevin blogs about topics related to work, productivity, and well-being writing in English and in Finnish.

He currently works at Netlight Consulting and does Pro bono work in his spare time for individuals and organizations in the field of coaching, mentoring, and teaching Agile project management.

If you are interested in contacting Kevin, please have a look at the Contact information page.

  • Working with Kevin is always fun and uplifting. You leave each meeting feeling more motivated and in a better mood than before. He is highly skilled in many areas and has helped me with time management, prioritization, communication, team management, defining a growth strategy as well as personal development. Our work together has helped me …

    Marielle. CEO of Bagpad, London. Organizational Coaching

  • As a mentor, Kevin has succeeded brilliantly. He has shared his expertise and know-how in a very beneficial, trustworthy, and friendly way. He always listens to my needs and adapts to ongoing situations. The desire to help others and learn new things constantly can be seen in everything he does.

    Usva. Student from Aalto Yliopisto, Helsinki

  • Kevin’s coaching helped me to define and understand my key strengths, skills, and personality traits. He helped me to define action points for improvement and how to better utilize my strengths in work and personal life. We had excellent discussions, Kevin was an inspiring coach and the session was not only motivational but also great …

    Antti. Developer from Helsinki, Finland. Personal Coaching