Kevin Husell

I am Kevin Husell. I am a consultant, a coach, a leader, a team builder, a learner, an achiever, and a problem eater full of positive energy.

My goal is to coach, lead, inspire, and motivate individuals and organizations to become high performers in their own field achieving their goals.

During my career in consulting, I’ve worked with large companies and small startups, coached everything between large multicultural teams and individuals onsite and remotely, mentored coworkers and students, held workshops, had speeches, and continued to learn and grow.

I am specialized in agile, coaching, leadership, productivity, process improvement, team building, and wellbeing. I currently work at Netlight Consulting and in my spare time, I do Pro bono work in agile coaching, mentoring, and individual coaching. I blog about topics related to work, productivity, and wellbeing writing in English and in Finnish.

I can take you where you want to be

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Kevin Husell

My story

I grew up in Turku, Finland where my youth consisted of sports, studies, and spending time with friends. All my life I have been playing soccer, which thought me many great values about team building and set the basis for my interest in leading and coaching teams and individuals to become high performers.

I seek adventures, and that is probably the main reason why I love traveling so much. I studied economics in Turku and decided to go for an exchange student program in Chengdu, to where I traveled all the way by train over a two-week trip through Russia, Mongolia, and China. My holidays are usually spent traveling around the world.

Already as a child, I noticed that I possess a great deal of stamina and that I’m able and always ready to work hard. I just do not give up. I’ve noticed this, especially in my career in consulting, which started in 2015 in Helsinki. I took Immense satisfaction in being busy and productive. I wanted to be the best and the hardest worker in the room. I measured my success against others, everything felt like a contest.

Competing and achieving all the time took its toll. I started to feel bad. I was tired. I felt anxious. I learned that I had to change. I decided that even if I felt bad, I can help others to feel better. I set a goal for myself:

Make one person smile a day.

I started to praise others for the good work they had done. I tried to lift the mood, be supportive listen, care, and be positive. I didn’t want to compete against others, instead, work together toward goals. I wanted to help myself by helping others.

This gave me extreme satisfaction. I could make someone’s day a bit better. And the best thing was that I felt better myself.

Positivity and Kindness became one of my biggest values, alongside Trust, and Loyalty. I learned that Positivity doesn’t mean that you always must be happy, it means that you see opportunities even in hard situations. I learned that there are smarter ways to work.

And this experience eventually created Kevness in 2019. And that is what has gotten me on the road to coach, inspire, motivate, and help others to go where they want to be.

Currently, I live in Munich, Germany where I look for new adventures and experiences.

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